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Hi, I'm Dr. Marga Macias...

After helping more than 150,000 patients, and saving more than five thousand children and adults while working in hospitals, intensive care units and clinics; I learned one thing... you need to heal the mind, before you can heal the body.

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Below are three ways I can help you. All you have to do is take action.

Birthright - Book

This book is for you if you’re done with the constant struggles, disappointments, and failures that keep you from feeling confident and empowered to live your most inspired life.


Dr. Marga advises and consults for individuals and successful businesses, large and small. Her transformational message evokes positive results for those she mentors.

The Program

My goal is to help people optimize the their overall health and empower them to live the life of their dreams. I refer to not only physical health, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.


The Claim Your Birthright Program

This program will teach you how to become an expert at being the authentic and best possible YOU, hone the secrets unapologetically and stand in your own power.

 Phase 1 

This phase prepares us to Claim our Birthright by addressing our past and our present.

Module 1

Recognizing Who The Enemy Is

In this module, we address the #1 enemy that holds us back. Only after this will we effectively begin to reclaim our birthright.

Module 2

Understanding the Power of Pain

In this module, we answer the most common and important question in human psychology: "Why me?"

Module 3

Finding Solutions to Your Roadblocks

In this module, we go over the important factor that helps to overcome the past and present obstacles in our life.

Module 4

The Secret to Reclaim Your Power

In this module, we reveal the secret that allows us to reclaim our birthright to greatness.

Phase 2

This phase reveals all the steps to reclaim our birthright and live a powerful life.

Module 5

Own Your Worth

In this module, we go over the psychology of the human mind and what needs to be done to stand in our power.

Module 6

Don't Fear Off-Beaten Paths

In this module, we acknowledge how powerful fear is, and we learn how to stop fear from paralyzing us.

Module 7

Hone Your Sink or Swim Tenacity

In this module, we uncover the most critical factor to help us navigate through positive and negative changes in our life.

Module 8

Prime Yourself Up For Absolute Success

In this module, we tie in the lessons and learn the crucial balance required so we can move forward with confidence.


"Marga has an incredible talent of locating/ seeing people’s problems / things that hold them back in no time and offering the best advice/ support. Simply an amazing coach (and a wonderful warm person) that gets you and help to move forward & accomplish your ideas and goals."

Gita Gavare Marotis - recommends Marga Macias, M.D.

"Dr Marga is extremely powerful and yet so loving and nurturing. She has natural intuitive abilities and she is so knowledgeable! Allow yourself the privilege of her helping you, it will CHANGE your entire life into PURE magic. Her loving heart and unique coaching approach will uplift you, bring clarity, synchronicities and ignite your inner fire."

Sorina Iliana Iordache - recommends Marga Macias, M.D.

"Dr. Marga's kind words, depth of experience and uplifting energy came to me at just the right time! She is as fierce as she is caring and will not only inspire you to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, but also provide you with concrete steps towards realizing this. Don't miss out!! 😉"

Steffi Potsch - recommends Marga Macias, M.D.


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Transform Your Life by taking action, today.

Let me guide you in the right direction to reclaim your birthright.

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